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APO MicroPrime 32mm T2.1 ( PL-Mount )

APO MicroPrime 32mm T2.1 ( PL-Mount )

Key Features


● 43.27mm image circle projection covers full-frame sensors and supports camera resolutions up to 8K.


● Apochromatic elements limit color aberrations often present in high-contrast images.


● 150° of barrel rotation enables precise focus adjustments even while pulling by hand.


SLR Magic APO MicroPrime Cine 32mm T2.1 Overview


The SLR Magic APO MicroPrime Cine 32mm T2.1 Lens is a prime example of precision optics and lightweight design for cine-style shooting. Featuring a 43.27mm image circle projection, this lens, available in both Canon EF-mount and PL-mount versions, is tailored for use with high-resolution full-frame sensors in 8K cameras. The apochromatic elements integrated into the lens are meticulously engineered to address color aberrations commonly found in high-contrast images or photos taken at wide-open apertures.


With a 32mm focal length provides a versatile perspective, suitable for various shooting scenarios like portraits, street photography, and everyday filmmaking. The lens delivers sharp and vintage image quality with a pleasing bokeh, enhancing the cinematic look of your videos.


Designed for cine-style applications, this lens is equipped with cine-style focus and iris gears, as well as an internal focus mechanism, enabling smooth focus adjustments while maintaining a consistent length. This feature makes it ideal for use with rod-mounted accessories and matte boxes, enhancing its versatility in various cinematography setups. The APO MicroPrime Cine series boasts a wide 150° focus rotation, a standard 85mm front diameter that streamlines matte box compatibility by eliminating the necessity for multiple adapter rings, and an internal 82mm filter thread, offering added convenience and flexibility during shooting sessions.

  • Specification

    Mount Optical Structure Image Circle
    EF & PL 11 Groups 13 Elements θ43.27
    Aperture Blades Filter Size Mini Focus Distance
    13 82mm 1'3"
    Weight Length (cm) Format
    900g / 1.9lbs 10.9 Full Frame
$1,199.00 通常価格